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Reviews, Statistics and Change


When I first started this blog, it was my intent to use it as a vehicle to write snippets to myself.  Along with book reviews, interesting statistics, and things we talk about changing my interest was in stimulating online conversations.  This is my first attempt at writing a brief ‘book’ review as an ongoing way for me to track what I am reading. I hope that my reviews stimulate you to vist your local library, or post a comment with your thoughts.

I just finished a paper that was published in 1997 by BC Council for Families (BCCF) alongside with Statistics Canada (or whatever they are called). As a board member with BCCF I was interested in some of the history of the work we had done around strengthening families.  Once I finished reading the paper I had some serious questions about what has happened since 1997.  As I began to have conversations with my peers across BC I began to realize that not much has changed. BC continues to have the highest poverty rate in Canada, as well as the highest child poverty rate as well.  Hmmm… this was also the case in 1997. Have we had any impact in strengthening families?  As an advocacy group I know we have continued to put pressure on the government.  So who’s to blame??  Look at these additional 1996 statistics and ask yourself if anything has changed! What are YOU going to do about it?


  • The average family income in 1996 was 4% less than in 1980
  • In 1995, half of the immigrants who arrive in BC do not speak English
  • In 1996 46% of seniors lived alone
  • 19% of single mothers were unemployed at the time of the census
  • 2% of families had yearly incomes under 10K