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Why would I want to share leadership? (Community Inc. Final entry 11/19/21)

In this final blog in the series leading up to this Friday’s workshop I aim to present each of you with a challenge: Prove that you can give your leadership away.

A power recap: Blog #1 introduced the four elements of my Friday workshop and extended into the idea that our Community Governors often sit in a corner staring down at their feet with blinders on. Hearing today’s news that Missouri constituents’ call out for civil activists to walk their talk demonstrates the shadow we often feel comfortable sitting in. Reclaiming our voice as trustees and leveraging our strengths is ultimately important for everyone reading this blog. So why do we struggle?

Blog #2 introduced the idea of Non-Traditional Strategic Planning as a method to reclaim citizen engagement, leverage affiliate strengths, and allow community champions to rise all in one big swoop. How? Come to the workshop.

Blog #3 focused on the power of voice. Unfettered, unadulterated, and an unsanctioned voice. The power of creative dissonance, safe spaces, and organic transformative design is being proposed to those who participate in the workshop. Learning insightful new strategies that can help to facilitate powerful community dialogue will be role played by you.


But all three of these only combine to create a powerful social innovation if leadership is shared. Build simple yet powerful models of shared leadership with your partners. Design performance management strategies that demonstrate social returns on investment. Transcend leadership. Is it all rhetoric? Only one way to find out:

Register at: www.communityinc.tk

Email: communityinc@buildingbetterpractice.com





Community Governance – Why now? (Community Inc. Field entry 14-11-07)

I promised four blogs on the Community Inc. Model and why the workshop on November 21st is so valuable. Here’s #1/4

The idea of community governance is not new. people have been coming together for years in communities around the world to develop a shared vision of what they want their community to look like. But since the days of John Carver and Marvin Weisbord a whole bunch of stuff has changed in our society: Funding diversity, sustainability, Private Public Partnerships, social innovation, social enterprise, social capital, social entrepreneurship, social, social, social.

leadI remember when we were all called social workers. Why must we reinvent the wheel? Do we still focus on the work with people for the good of all. Why are we so fragmented as an industry? Dan Palotta has written extensively on the history of our sector, and public policy has been overlaid on public policy to react to the shifting needs of community. Social planning councils across the country, foundations, Imagine Canada, and accreditation bodies espouse the value of quality of life. As we continue to focus on the “client” and those we serve I believe we are slowly forgetting the most important variable – us.

Community as Governance is an intrinsic look at what our role is in community. What is our impact? How do we lead? What tools can I use? Who will be on my side? How do I leverage my affiliations?  The Community Inc. workshop on November 21st focuses on helping YOU uncover your leadership style so you can emerge as a champion in the work you do. If you are on a Community Board it will help you ask the difficult questions and shift board policy and have meaningful dialogue on the state of achieving your Vision and Mission. We have become so focused on operations and chasing the almighty dollar to keep programs running that I believe we have slipped in our ability to express our ourselves and more importantly do whatever is necessary to create bridges of support between community groups, non-traditional partners and those who can actually lead action. Not just talk about it.


Will you join me?

13 days left until the November 21st workshop

Register here: http://www.communityinc.tk