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To plan or not to plan – v.2

This week I am going to tackle the value of strategic planning. Planning occurs every day of the week.  Every hour actually. What’s for dinner? What should I do on the weekend? But strategic planning may be more along the lines of: How can I ensure that I have enough spending money for my vacation in July? The strategy of it brings in a slightly more complexity to the approach that takes into account a few extra variables. Now instead of just picking up pasta from the grocery store I have to save, put money aside, research where I want to go for my vacation, more research on flight prices, where should I eat when I am on my vacation etc… Organizations are very similar but are they nearsighted?

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I am currently drafting a proposal for an organization that is looking for a planner to help them facilitate their annual strategic plan. In their request they ask for the traditional SWOT analysis and breakdown of strategic priorities for later board approval. In this competitive world of consultants and board development I wonder if it will be enough. My plan is to step up my game and offer a proposal to provide the organization with an innovative session that provides them with a different point of view on the value of strategic planning.

My proposal will be to use transformative scenario planning (TSP) that was suggested by Kahane as a way to “work together cooperatively and creatively” to effect change through the use of interpretive questions (p. 19). Although the model draws from previous work by Otto Scharmer and Marvin Weisbord, TSP is a gradual transformative process that occurs from the inside-out through shared understanding, relationship building, mutual intention, and co-developed actions (p. 21). What I like about this approach is that it is visionary and doesn’t draw you down into the operations of figuring out how you are going to pay for that flight or whether you can get time off work. It allows you to dream! I suggest you read the article below. Tell me what you think?


Kahane, A. (2012). Transformative scenario planning: Changing the future by exploring alternatives. Strategy and Leadership, 40(5), 19-23. doi:10.1108/10878571211257140