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Why would I want to share leadership? (Community Inc. Final entry 11/19/21)

In this final blog in the series leading up to this Friday’s workshop I aim to present each of you with a challenge: Prove that you can give your leadership away.

A power recap: Blog #1 introduced the four elements of my Friday workshop and extended into the idea that our Community Governors often sit in a corner staring down at their feet with blinders on. Hearing today’s news that Missouri constituents’ call out for civil activists to walk their talk demonstrates the shadow we often feel comfortable sitting in. Reclaiming our voice as trustees and leveraging our strengths is ultimately important for everyone reading this blog. So why do we struggle?

Blog #2 introduced the idea of Non-Traditional Strategic Planning as a method to reclaim citizen engagement, leverage affiliate strengths, and allow community champions to rise all in one big swoop. How? Come to the workshop.

Blog #3 focused on the power of voice. Unfettered, unadulterated, and an unsanctioned voice. The power of creative dissonance, safe spaces, and organic transformative design is being proposed to those who participate in the workshop. Learning insightful new strategies that can help to facilitate powerful community dialogue will be role played by you.


But all three of these only combine to create a powerful social innovation if leadership is shared. Build simple yet powerful models of shared leadership with your partners. Design performance management strategies that demonstrate social returns on investment. Transcend leadership. Is it all rhetoric? Only one way to find out:

Register at: www.communityinc.tk

Email: communityinc@buildingbetterpractice.com





3 DAYS LEFT – The Paradigm of Community

The Paradigm of Community – A Community Inc. mantra

 Every single one of us have been raised in a community. A community perhaps with: schools, shopping malls, or dirt roads? The paradigm of community is at the epicenter of many of our experiences. The community that cares, a community of support, or a community of neighbours?  When we wake up every day and step out of the places where we call home we step into community! We have an opinion of this community: It’s safe..or dangerous, full of people that care..or those that are rude, it’s clean…or dirty?

New York CIty - May 2014

Whichever point of view you take recognize it as your paradigm of community. If you are not happy with it, only you can unhitch yourself as a victim and exert your temperament of advocacy to impact change. Meadows (2008) believed that the paradigms you control give you the power of mastery, the tools to live in constant joy, and the impact that difference makes (p. 165). Last week I hosted a workshop on Community Governance with a small group of change agents, Presidents and long standing members of community boards. I helped to shift the paradigms in which they operate. I created the opportunity to partner, to share resources, and to build a stronger understanding of affiliative networks. Mahjabeen, Shrestha, and Dee (2009 ) stressed how important it is to create inclusive opportunities to create change with representatives from an entire community. I made a difference by bringing people together to learn, think aloud, and explore their model of governance. If you want to explore your paradigm and look at the model of your role in Community there is only one three days left to sign up. Visit www.communityinc.tk and make a difference in your community.


Mahjabeen, Z., Shrestha, K., & Dee, J. A. (2009). Rethinking community participation in urban planning: The role of disadvantaged groups in Sydney Metropolitan Strategy. Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, 15(1), 45-63. Retrieved from http://www.anzrsai.org/download.pl?param=289

Meadows, D.H. (2008). Thinking in systems: A primer (Ed. Wright, D.). Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction: VT