Personal success is highly valued and necessary for a healthy life. Success is not measured by wealth, nor is it tempered by what we own. Personal success is realizing that we met our goals, reached a milestone, and feel satisfied that we are aligned with our true purpose.

My purpose is to support others to finding success in whatever shape or form it may exist in. I have supported, mentored, counseled, and coached hundreds of people throughout my career. I have worked with children to overcome emotional issues and families to build stronger attachments with each other. I have supported youth to find their career path and their personal leadership style. I mentor peers, colleagues, and executives to navigating the tides of change. I am particularly interested in helping people to uncover their inner strength, find personal motivation, and to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Give me a call at 604-307-0454 or drop me a note at and we can talk a little bit about what we aspire to become or to overcome. Perhaps I can be of help.  All rates are negotiable.


John Thornburn

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