Social Media: Social Connectedness or Puppy Dog love?

I am enthralled with watching society deal with their addiction to social media. I am as eager to get a “like” on my instagram photo or its tweet to my Facebook RSS like every other guy. But only 1 like? I bet that cute little puppy that my friend posted got 20 likes! Do people like posts that we publish or are they responding to your sense of charm, or perhaps it is their acknowledgement that you are still important to them? Maybe its just a cute puppy dog? Perhaps it is validation that you are being trendy or perhaps even Chic?


What are people really looking for online? Is online social connectedness real? Let’s not kick the gift horse in the mouth – you know it is much easier to stay connected when you don’t have to get out of your chair! Is it the future of our social being to maximize our value with each other by re-tweeting re-posts of virtual videos of how we see the world around us? Are we turning into virtual voyeurs among each other? Is our intent to build connectedness with each other or are we just chasing our {proverbial puppy dog} tails. What do you think?

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Masters in Leadership graduate from Royal Roads University. An Engagement specialist engaged in various avenues of organizational and community development. Currently interested in social innovation, planning and engagement. View all posts by johnthornburn

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