How to become a Community Facilitator – (Community Inc. field entry 11/16/2014)

I promised four blogs on the Community Inc. Model and why the workshop on November 21st is so valuable. Here’s #3/4. Today, with four days left, we near your last chance to participate in a workshop that will facilitate your ability how to leverage a social enterprise. Of course I am speaking out of turn. It is your next chance to learn the value of leveraging enterprise with those that seek to achieve Vision in Community. So far I have written about the idea of Community Governance: Leveraging the idea of partnerships. I then wrote about Non-Traditional Strategic Planning: Leveraging social assets of a community, Today I talk about Facilitative dialogue, and tomorrow my last in the series: Shared Leadership.

The third in a cycle of participatory action titled Community Inc. uses my Building Better Practice model as a method for community engagement. This cycle of Governance, Planning, Dialogue, and Leadership focuses on engagement. Today I use my story to provide an example of the value of Thursday’s workshop.

I started my career with a small foray into Seniors Services by exploring the idea of volunteering at a Seniors Care Facility. At the time (I was 15) I was not particularly enthusiastic about the idea. This opportunity however left me with the idea that people care for others. Fast forward through a dozen jobs in twice as many years and I found myself using the word Quality of Life. Even though my career took me on a path delivering services to children, youth, and families it was the word Life that has been the thread ever since. As I continue to pull this thread I have found myself immersed in the structure of Life: Community.expo_4In our communities there are thousands of people with different ideas, strengths, experiences, and of course intertwined affiliations. In my workshop Thursday I teach two concepts that will give you the tools you need to connect and leverage the strengths of those thousands of people. Using the methods of Open space, and Transformative Planning I will expose you to the process that leverages the power of the individual, as a collective. Facilitated Dialogue steps outside of the box and will demonstrate your power as a facilitator to engage diverse ideas into a process that leverages change in communities.

Finally, I think the Mayor of Sidney, B.C. Mr. Cross said it best when he acknowledged that people, seniors in his editorial, “bring a wealth of energy and an incredible array of skills ….[that] we could not levy … to pay for their services” (p. 10). I like this quote because it expresses what I hope to give you: a gift to leverage the voices of your community, one that money cannot buy – The skill to facilitate Open and Meaningful Dialogue. See you on Thursday.

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Cross, L. (2014). Health care and seniors. Zoomer, 30 (8). Zoomer Magazine, Toronto: Canada

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