Non-Traditional Strategic Planning (Community Inc. Field entry 11/14/14)

I promised four blogs on the Community Inc. Model and why the workshop on November 21st is so valuable. Here’s #2/4

I believe that a collaborative philosophy promotes the values of diversity, inclusion, and shared leadership in non-profit strategic planning. I also believe that most strategic planning processes are fragmented, insular, and reactive processes that occur in isolation due to funding opportunities (or lack thereof). What I believe is that we often miss the potential of developing sustainable practices through engagement of our organizational teams, our community leaders, and ultimately our constituents … those we serve. IMG_5162

My graduate research focused exclusively on the value of Non-Traditional Strategic Planning. What would happen if we sought out partnerships with people we do not normally engage with in order develop a strategic plan? Rather than an environmental scan of the competition, what if we purposefully connected with groups with similar but different mandates? What if a church and an arts group and a business got together? What if a school and the media and a farmer’s market planned an event? What if the Girl Guides sat down with an environmental group? I believe that the use of strategic planning as a forum can be used to engage current members and develop new affiliate partners to create a diverse value based network.

In my workshop next Thursday November 21st (yes that is 6 days from now) I will teach you how to use strategic planning as a tool to create a welcoming and inclusive process that builds strong inter-organizational connections. I will teach you to think outside of the box and leverage the voice of those you serve to create a powerful plan that strengthens your mission. I will also help you to develop a socially innovative way to increase your relationships with like-minded groups within your community. Could you benefit from that?

Email me at if you have any questions. Register here:

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Masters in Leadership graduate from Royal Roads University. An Engagement specialist engaged in various avenues of organizational and community development. Currently interested in social innovation, planning and engagement. View all posts by johnthornburn

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