From A to B to Social Innovation

Do you ever wonder about what the value of Positive Risk is if you never take it?

Are you satisfied just watching how the system ticks, tocks, and ticks again?

Do you feel that there must be a better solution to the traditional model?

Are you interested in reconnecting with the roots of community and creating meaningful opportunities for its citizens?

For those who have followed my blog for the past year you will have heard me talk about Peter Block and his role in transforming community, Adam Kahane and his work on the “Power of Love”. I have jumped from seminal visionaries like Kurt Lewin, Paole Freire, and Chris Argyris to noble gentlemen such as C.S. Lewis and Peter Drucker. All of these mini dialogues have brought little to no feedback from my community of followers. Why? Too much social media? Drib drab content or things you already knew…? I think it is because all of this talk had no action. Social media has a number of merits but I still think the digital environment is largely superficial. I do not believe that the “container” of the internet is the best vehicle for dialogue.

Because of this, I am changing my rhetoric to action. The blog will continue to exist but it will act as a magnet. A tool to entice my readers to engage with me in person. Some of you attended my workshop in June! Thank You!  I will be holding another session in November and I hope to see you there ( For those of you however that are looking for something different, I have now formed a group. The goal of this group is to create a social enterprise. No more talk…it’s time to walk the walk.

If you are interested in forming a type of social enterprise venture called a Community Contributions company (CCC) then this group is for you. Join me on Monday August 25th at 6pm in Richmond. Sign up here:


About johnthornburn

Masters in Leadership graduate from Royal Roads University. An Engagement specialist engaged in various avenues of organizational and community development. Currently interested in social innovation, planning and engagement. View all posts by johnthornburn

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