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With anti-spamming laws right around the corner it is time for all of us governors to huddle around the fire and figure out how we are going to develop sustainable practices without sending emails. Yes that’s right, according to new legislation coming into force on July 1st you will no longer be able to send an unsolicited message to anyone for any purpose! How will we survive? Well I for one have an answer. It is called Community Inc. And it relies on the power of stakeholder engagement. And yes, that means your neighbors! No longer will we be allowed to send a message to our friend down the street offering to buy them a cup of coffee!  According to Section one, sub-clause #2, a “commercial electronic message” cannot have “as its purpose… to encourage participation in a commercial activity… offer to …barter …a service …advertise, or …promote a person, including the public image of a person”. Now we are actually going to have to get out of our chair and walk down the hall and talk to our friend in person.


Our Board development workshops on June 12,19, and 21 2014 in Richmond BC will remind you what it means to be an effective governor, rekindle and form new relationships, engage with your constituents, and do all of it without relying on a smartphone that you cant use anymore..unless you use it to simply call a friend!

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Masters in Leadership graduate from Royal Roads University. An Engagement specialist engaged in various avenues of organizational and community development. Currently interested in social innovation, planning and engagement. View all posts by johnthornburn

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